American Film Photographers

An American wide film photography and motion picture film community, initially formed in 2020 on Instagram.


By 2025 all K-12 and Art Universities, will have included film photography and motion picture film in their required curriculum.

All American media content creators, including, TV shows, News Stations, Newspaper and other Media Organizations have made a commitment that 5% of their media graphics comes from film photography and/or cinematic motion film.

Supplies and services for film photography and motion picture film will be easily and at short lead-time accessible USA wide.


In the first place simply to ensure our vision becomes a reality by 2025.

To accomplish these goals, we participate in the following activities:

  1. Share Film Photography – Featuring Film Photographers
  2. Connect Film Photographers – Events, Instagram, Facebook, etc…
  3. Unite Film Photographers – Social Media, Events, Networking, etc…


Film Photography and Motion Picture Film, when available, and supported, attracts hobbyists, semi-professionals and professional artists alike. We view each person interested in film as an asset to our community.

We respect and value our fellow film photographers and motion picture cinematographers from ultra liberal to ultra conservative, from ultra intravert to ultra extravert, and do not use personal views and opinions to sow discord or slight uncomfortableness to our fellow members.

We support and help USA Startups in the Film and Motion Film Industry where possible, however, without losing sight of our ultimate Vision for 2025.

Join us on Instagram: @americanfilmphotographers