Matoli Keely - American Film Photographer - Southern California - American Film Photographers - Interview

Hello, my name is Matoli and I am a an American Film Photographer based in Southern California specializing in editorial portraiture and weddings.

The slower pace of film absolutely thrills me because the experience of taking photographs with a film camera makes you more intentional with every composition and exposure. I also love the mystery of it all to be honest, and the resulting excitement of getting my scans back from the lab.

I have been photographing for 7 years now and began as a digital photographer. There was always something I loved about the aesthetic of film, in fact one of my earliest photographic memories was my parents wedding photos. The photographs had aged so perfectly yet still had tones that you could tell told an incredible story. My disappointment in my digital images (mostly based on my lack of knowledge on proper editing techniques at the time), let me to shoot a few rolls of film and the rest is history.

I love photographing people. Everyone has a story and I love to narrate that through photographs. There is so much you can learn from a photograph of a person; the stories behind their smiles, sadness in their eyes, joy in their laughter.

I have several film cameras and have played with multiple just because of the thrill. My main camera is the Pentax 645nii, I use the 75mm and 55mm lenses. For 35mm, the Canon 1V is the most versatile and most used for projects. On the personal side, I use the Contax G1 for everyday photographs/travel and lastly my just for fun, set includes the Rolleiflex and Pollaroid SX-70.

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